Hillary Clinton continues to hurl accusations and insidious insinuations at Pakistan, even while claiming to be establishing a long lasting relationship with this country. From the do more mantra she has now declared that Al-Qaeda is governing in FATA The problem with the US and its allies like Britain is that they are attempting to make a scapegoat out of Pakistan for their own failures in Afghanistan - that it was because Pakistan did not do enough that led to the US and NATO being denied success in Afghanistan. This is ridiculous and they know it but they have an electorate to face. It was, therefore, heartening to hear the Prime Minister respond forcefully to Gordon Brown in London and state that not once since the war began in Afghanistan has the US or UK given proof of Al-Qaeda sanctuaries or location of the leadership in Pakistan. There have merely been accusations and conjectures and on that basis Pakistan has and continues to be targeted. Gilani also reasserted that our military was not for sale. The Prime Ministers tough talk was a welcome departure from the usual compliant approach the state has adopted towards the US since the Musharraf regime. A more dangerous trend that is now coming to the fore in relation to the US is the increase in the number of covert activities being undertaken by the US in Pakistan - ranging from suspicious surveillance to CIA operatives indulging in armed action in FATA. This cannot be acceptable to any sovereign state, and especially in sensitive areas one can hardly have foreign operatives indulging in their own military-type operations. One assumes the Pakistan military would hardly have approved such actions nor would it need such questionable support. So how then did these CIA personnel arrive in FATA and how were they able to carry out their actions? It is time the Pakistani state rationalised and limited its cooperation with the US and access to US institutions. Already a new form of terrorism has come to light targeting military officers and installations. The latest attack on a mosque near GHQ, used largely by the military and their families was well-planned and had similarities to the earlier attack on GHQ. These were not simply fanatics but well-trained and well-informed terrorists. In view of the ground situation confronting Pakistan today - with citizens and soldiers being killed by terrorists - and the military action being undertaken by the Pakistan military in Waziristan, it is an insult for the US to not only assert that Al-Qaeda is ruling in FATA but to insinuate that Pakistan is not doing enough or that some elements of the state are actually aiding the extremists. Even the US, with its highly blinkered approach, would know we are not a suicidal nation. So why would such bizarre statements flow from US officials unless there is a whole covert US agenda targeting the Pakistani state?