LONDON (AFP) - Britains chief of defence staff warned Thursday that declining public support threatened to undermine the Afghan campaign, and was more damaging to troop morale than Taliban insurgents. Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup also reiterated that a key to success was establishing good governance and battling corruption in Afghanistan. The mission is achievable and at last we have a properly resourced plan to deliver the strategy, Stirrup said in his annual lecture to the Royal United Services Institute in London. Our people in theatre know this. The greatest threat to their morale is not the Taliban or IEDs (improvised explosive devices), but declining will at home. Support for our service men and women is indivisible from support for this mission. Our people know that they can succeed, that well only fail if we choose to fail. We owe it to them, and to those weve lost, not to make that choice, Stirrup went on.