Wikileaks is throwing an important and sensitive leaked information in public arena and have published material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the identity of sources anonymous, providing a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and censored info of which public have a right to know. The Freedom of Information Act in many western countries allow access to certain levels of governmental information at some stage giving light to how the business of government was conducted, but the magnitude and flow of current revelations acting as a deadly sparkler or a candid rebuff to all those who opened their mouth without thinking as to what they are saying and what if this information may come in the public domain in sometimes sooner. Lets see who has to gain or lose as a result of these indecent exposures. First of all, its beyond imagination that the only superpower of the world was not aware of the contents to be leaked, so without believing in conspiracy theories , I will say that information which was not prejudicial to national security of the United states was allowed to be freed by third party which has no potential to damage the home country. Of course, it caused embarrassment but to whom at best to some diplomats but mostly foreign leaders, and USA had an excuse to blame the culprit who stole the documents and the one who published it, thus it played a victim of crime. But the leaked communication mostly are the conversations of dignitaries reported by the Diplomats gauging the situation. Most of it is one sided, nothing from USA government to the outer world but inwards from overseas to USA mainland, so lion share of shame is scooped by head of states overseas mysteriously. Looking at the information leaked, critics feel that its not highly sensitive or classified documents but a lower tier exchanges of Foreign Office Bureaucracy which cause no harm to government but their exposure pose a significant embarrassment to the ones who are the centre of discussion and are a mouthpiece . I think this leak will contain a lot of irrelevant rubbish mixed with a few useful exchanges making headlines. Topping the rank is King Abdullahs support for Irans invasion, and Pakistans nuclear assets and concerns surrounding it. King Abdullahs gossip with US high ups will cause a stir and will widen the gulf between sectarian based religious divide and Iran which is already positioning to raise highly volatile political issues such as Palestines liberation by siding with Hizbullah opposing Israel. One thing is for sure that these leaks have posed a serious risk to unorthodox means of exchanges between diplomats and there will be a full scale review in imminent future towards the methods, language, and mechanism of communication. It will also call for a review of storage facility of the data. We may see old coded language back or very succinct and diplomatic language in the future exchanges. But being the most powerful in a unipolar system gives an advantage to USA that it just has to say sorry in a bid to limit the damage done to its image and credibility. WikiLeaks have ignited a debate internationally and created a global fever to know more. So lets foresee and forecast what is next. You never know that in the rubbish one may find a golden key one day. BARRISTER AMJAD MALIK, December 4.