LAHORE The Acumen Fund held its Community Gathering here on Saturday. The event included a select gathering of dynamic community members who come together to share insights and celebrate the work of social entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The theme of the event was to promote Acumen Funds model of patient capital, which is a unique and innovative means to break the cycle of poverty, and was attended by Acumen community members Hussain Dawood (Dawood Group of Companies), Ali Siddiqui (JS group), Ehsan Malik (CEO Unilever) and Shahzad Qasim (CEO CER Power). The event was introduced through a welcome note by Zubyr Soomro, Chair of the Acumen Fund Pakistan Advisory Council who spoke about how Acumens model of investing philanthropic funds into social enterprises which helped provide goods and services to the poor in a sustainable manner, allowing the poor to be treated as customers and inherently retain their dignity (a core Acumen value). Country Director Aun Rahman spoke about using investment funds like Acumen to provide capital to high risk social enterprises which are providing critical goods and services to the poor, sharing examples of excellence in social entrepreneurship, including Jasser Farms from Narowal an enterprise aiming to change the rural landscape through affordable artificial livestock insemination using ground breaking technology in Pakistan. The keynote speech was presented by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director of Institute of Business Administration, who spoke eloquently about the role of social entrepreneurship in the broader development context of Pakistan, lauding the role of organisations like Acumen Fund in providing essential patient capital to help enterprises serving the poor scale their operations. Acumen Fund Portfolio Manager Ahmed Arif spoke about Acumens newest investments in Pakistan, highlighting the innovative Pharmagen Health Limited who are providing top quality clean drinking water at Rs 1.5 per litre, innovatively cutting costs of packaging and distribution to make their product affordable to the poor, with the help of the Acumen equity innovation. The event was closed by Acumen Fund Pakistan Board member Zaffar Khan who shared with the audience how his journey with Acumen started, and how the model of sustainability and social impact has led him to believe that patient capital is the ultimate solution to providing essential goods and services to the poor.