LAHORE Central General Secretary ANP Ehsan Wyne has welcomed the WikiLeaks reports in the context that they would bring about positive change in the country as such ,whatever, has been told through the reports was a 'very good move. Wyne stated this while talking to TheNation here on Saturday. He also called for access to the public documents in Pakistan so that the masses could also know what is happening in the echelons of power. He said the reports will expose who is who and how much the power lust exists in Pakistan. On the part of reports relating to his party head Asfandyar Wali Khan, he said, it has been truly stated in the WikiLeaks reports that ANP head Asfandyar Wali Khan was offered Presidentship but he refused. To the question why was he offered Presidentship, he said, the situation had taken such a turn that replacement of President Asif Ali Zardari had become imperative but Asfandyar demonstrated himself as a true democrat and did not rush to capture the Presidency. He maintained that his party would support any change which is based on Constitutional provisions. Unsure whether publication of WikiLeaks reports is an intentional attempt by US govt, Wyne asserted that the reports had been published against those who are no more in the good books of America and whom it wants to expose before the international community. He said the reports aims at creating a new situation particularly in the Islamic world by telling the global community that the Muslim leaders are 'corrupt and purchaseable commodity. The reports, he said, established the fact that Pakistani rulers look at US for all their affairs and come to power with Washingtons support. Wyne said the leadership after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah always wanted to grab power. The situation has not changed so far, he said ,adding, national prosperity, sovereignty and progress have never been priority of these power-hungry politicians. He said it is time for the people to think about their leaders and do not elect those who only crave for power. Today, he said a storm of corruption has beset the country for the reason that power-hungry rule the country. Wyne said next time the people must think before casting vote that whom they are going to elect. He further said that end to feudal system is the best way to get rid of power- hungry politicians. 'It is a pity that dictatorship has worked much to promote a class of rich people who remain prone to do anything for the sake of power, he added. The present rulers, he said, do not have will and competence to bring country out of crisis. To a question that why ANP is supporting the rulers and sharing power, he said ANP was struggling to free it of the clutches of the feudals and moneyed men within its abilities and powers.