LAHORE Renowned Qawal Sher Ali Khan and Mehr Ali Khan said the art of Qawali was vanishing due to ban on public gatherings and poor situation of law and order prevailing in the county. Speaking at TheNation forum on Saturday, they said the legacy of the Sufi music and Qawali was facing worst dilemma to survive just because of neglect of the authorities. They further said the singers connected with Qawali were facing economic crisis owing to lack of audience to enjoy them. Sher Ali Khan said they had been singing Qawali and Ghazal since 1960 and scarifying to keep it alive. He said more than 50 albums of their singings including Ghazal and Qawali were kicked off and gained appreciation. He further said Qawali singing having the credit to educate the masses. Mehr Ali said the government should establish Qawali-academies so the old tradition could be protected. He said the state-run and private televisions and radio stations should also play their due role to safeguard the legacy by on airing more programs on Qawali. He said the singers should pay attention to quality singing. 'Verses of classical Sufi poet including Ameer Khusru, Maulana Roomi, Maulana Jami, Bhule Shah, Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Baba Farid and Pir Waris Shah could also be helpful to attract the art lover towards Qawali, he added. He said Pakistani artist could preach the message of peace and love of Sufis through this unique art of singing.