In a surprise visit to Afghanistan, President Obama cautioned US soldiers about difficult days to come. He was addressing a group of marines in the Bagram airbase and preferred not to visit Kabul to meet President Karzai reportedly owing to harsh weather. One reason probably why Obama cold-shouldered Karazi could be that of late the latter had launched a barrage of criticism against the US and how it was conducting the war on terror. The fact that the President of Afghanistan, who has for a long time acted as an American stooge, is now seriously questioning the US strategy shows the real picture of the sorry state of affairs. And indeed given the tone and tenor of Obamas address, it was visible enough that he was only trying to pretend that the situation was under control. Contrary to what he was trying to assure, there is only embarrassment and defeat in the days to come. Already the strategy of troop surge has failed miserably. Rather than breaking the back of the insurgency, this tactic has only resulted in increase in the number of body bags sent home. The assumption that before the withdrawal of occupying forces, Afghanistan will be purged of all the troublemakers, especially Taliban, is nonsensical. The Taliban are in fact Pashtuns, who are in majority in the country. Due to the popular anger against the presence of US forces and their brutalities, various ethnic groups in Afghan society have joined hands with them to oust the invaders. According to various reports, it is estimated that around 70 percent of the territory is under the control of the Taliban, and Karzai Administrations writ prevails in the capital only. The American adventure in this graveyard of empires has turned into a dreadful nightmare. The memory of how Russia dug its own grave in Afghanistan is still fresh. Clearly, the US is no exception. It is as if history has come full circle. The US must wind up and leave.