QUETTA - PPP MPA Ali Madad Jattak has said that Balochistan Assembly comprised 'incompetent, corrupt, illiterate and dishonest people who had nothing to do with public interests and demanded of President Asif Ali Zardari to dissolve Balochistan Assembly and conduct fresh elections in the province. He stated this while talking to journalists after prorogation of Assembly session due to incomplete quorum here on Saturday in Assembly chamber. Ali Madad Jattak, who himself was also not present in the Assemblys session said: 'lack of interest of members particularly Ministers towards Assembly session is a joke with the elected forum as well as with the people. He said that he had been pointing out during the last many sessions that Assembly quorum should be ensured in the House, but his requests fell on deaf ears. He said that on Saturday only four members gathered which showed governments incompetency. He said that the session was of very importance in which the issues like bomb attack on Governor Balochistan, Turbat incident and general law and order situation were to be discussed in detail, but majority members of the Treasury Benches did not show any interest about the issues of the masses. 'Our people are dying and Assembly members are least bothered about it, he added. The Irrigation Minister Sardar Aslam Bizenjo also expressed his concern over the attitude of his Cabinet and Assembly colleagues and said that he did not know why they were not taking interest in Assembly sessions. Although, he said, a very important adjournment motion over bomb attack on Governor Balochistan was submitted in the House by PML(Q) leader Jaffar Mondokhail and debate was to be held in this regard. He said that in the given circumstances, Assembly was the best forum for seeking the solution of the problems of the province through brain storming and debates. But, he regretted, only two Ministers and two members were present in the session. He said that there were more than 40 ministers who also did not take interest in Assembly sessions and he himself more than once brought the issue into the notice of Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani, but irresponsible attitude was witnessed on the part of Ministers. Awami National Partys Parliamentary leader and Revenue Minister Engineer Zamarak Khan blamed the Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha for prorogation of Assembly session due to lack of quorum and said that while presiding the session he should have waited for the members to come and sessions always started 10 or 15 minutes beyond its schedule. He said that if lack of quorum was pointed in the session, even than the members were called through ringing the bells for 10 or 15 minutes instead of proroguing the House. He said that he would not say any thing about the attitude of the chair, but it should not have happened. Former Home Minister Shoaib Nausherwani while expressing his concern over the attitude of the Ministers and members towards Assembly said that if members did not demonstrate a serious attitude, it would have a very negative impact on the already deteriorating situation of the province. PML(Q) member criticised some Parliamentary parties for having nationalistic stand over the issues and said that they should have a clear stand over the issues. He said that they while sitting in the Assembly became true Parliamentarians, but on the other their attitude were true nationalistic reflecting extremism and militancy. He condemned the bomb attack on Governor Nawab Magsi.