LONDON - Swedish authorities have issued a new international arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over claims of rape and sexual assault. The latest warrant includes additional information requested by British police, according to prosecutors. They were asking for additional information concerning the maximum penalty for all the crimes and infractions on the file, said a spokeswoman. Mr Assanges lawyer in London, Mark Stephens, said neither Scotland Yard nor he had received the warrant. Mr Stephens linked the warrant to sophisticated efforts to take down his clients whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website. Mr Assange, who is currently hiding in the UK, has taken part in a question and answer session on the Guardians website. He spoke of threats against him and others, saying they were taking the appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able when dealing with a super power. The 39-year-old told Guardian readers no one had been harmed as a result of the leaks. Mr Assange said: There has been no credible allegation, even by organisations like the Pentagon, that even a single person has come to harm as a result of our activities. Meanwhile, WikiLeaks has had to change its domain name after its previous provider, EveryDNS, said it had stopped hosting it. Attempts to access were met with an error message, saying the page could not be displayed. It now has a Swiss domain name and is using the internet address Users are directed to a page under the URL TEveryDNS said it had dropped after it became the target of multiple 'denial-of-service attacks. The American firm claimed the attacks have threatened the stability of its infrastructure. EveryDNS provides access to around 500,000 websites.