LAHORE The ringleader of a Dubai-based group of 'dancers has been identified as the main suspect behind the Sabzazaar double-murder, which took place after Wednesday midnight in Q-block area, leaving a rickshaw driver and his 45-year-old sister dead while another woman injured critically. The mastermind Asfandyar Bangash, who runs a gang of dancers in Dubai, organized the gun attack on the three-wheeler through hired assassins to take revenge after the local dancers refused to send the model-girl Sonia to Dubai for stage performance as per their agreement. Police investigators revealed that the mastermind behind the double-murder is hiding somewhere in Dubai, from where he was making phone calls to the victim family, threatening them to keep mum and not to disclose anything to the police about the happening. We know he (Asfandyar) is in Dubai. We are investigating all aspects of the incident and the killers cannot escape from the police, DSP Sabzazaar Shoaib Ahmed told TheNation when contacted by phone. He further said that they had traced the whereabouts of model girl Sonia and she would be interrogated soon in connection with the double-murder. The complaint Mohammad Ramazan said that resident of Faisalabad Sonia left her residence and was taking refuge in their house four days before the incident. The ringleader contacted us by phone and threatened my brother not to provide her shelter and send the model girl to Dubai. But Sabir Hussain did not pay heed to his warnings, Ramazan said. He also said that the police were trying to hush up the case after registering a case against unidentified persons. The police did not mention names of the killers in the FIR as per our statement and no arrest has been made so far, he added. He further revealed that Sonia survived shooting as she was in the house when the gunman opened indiscriminate fire on the auto-rickshaw outside their rented residence. She was at the Jinnah hospital when the injured were rushed to emergency ward for medical treatment. But later she went on missing from the hospital mysteriously, Tahira Bibi, sister of the deceased Sabir Hussain said. According to the police, 35-year-old Sabir Hussain along with his sisters Shahida Bibi, and Tahira Bibi had just reached near his house (39-Q block) Sabzazaar when a motorcyclist opened indiscriminate fire on the three-wheeler, they were on board. The attacker fled away from the crime scene within no time. Shahida Bibi, her sister Tahira and brother Sabir Hussain sustained serious bullet wounds and were rushed to the Jinnah Hospital, where Shahida Bibi was pronounced dead. Sabir Hussain also succumbed to bullet wounds on the following morning while the condition his sister Tahira Bibi was stated to be out of danger. The deceased Sabir Hussain and his sister Shahida Bibi were buried at a local graveyard. The Sabzazaar police registered the cases and are investigating with no arrest made so far.