ISLAMABAD (APP) Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Saturday described education inevitable for national progress and prosperity and the goal cannot be achieved without investing in the education sector. Addressing the participants of prize distribution ceremony at Radiant School Rawalpindi, he regretted that the education was not a priority of the past governments, however, the present government as well as the parents are fully cognizant of the importance of education and taking sincere steps in this regard. The Minister said it is the prime responsibility of the state to provide education, health, job, security and other basic requirements to the people. Historically every nation that was powerful in the world only made this progress after excelling in knowledge, he added. However, he said despite knowing the importance of education, it is also a reality that the total allocation in the budget for the sector is meagre. The Minister said literacy rate in the country is very low, which needs rapid improvement. We have to spend a huge amount on our defence due to external and internal threats, while a substantial amount is being spent to maintain law and order he added. Kaira said the country would have been much developed if the previous governments had generously invested in education. He appreciated the private sector for joining hands with the government in extending education to the grassroots level and said it would have been hard for the government to provide education to all without the help of private sector. Kaira said the countrys problems are bigger than its resources but the present government is committed to utilize all possible resources towards social development for the uplift of the people. Combating Terrorism and extremism are two major challenges in addition to poverty reduction and economy uplift, on which the government is focusing, he added. The government and the security forces cannot eliminate this menace unless the young generation, particularly the students come forward in this regard, he said. Qamar Zaman Kaira said the entire nation is united for eliminating terrorism and extremism from the society. He disagreed with the impression that war against terrorism is not the war of Pakistan. Pakistani people and its security forces are being killed in the terrorism activities. How can we disown this war if this is being fought in the cities and streets of Pakistan, he asked. Kaira said Pakistan has rendered much more sacrifices in war against terrorism as compared to whole world. He added that war against terrorism has destroyed the economy of the country. The minister said the Pakistan is the country where Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs live together in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence, adding , All Pakistanis, from all communities living in the country, are patriots and equal citizens of the country. He urged people to not harm others sentiments and ensure peaceful and harmonious co-existence. He congratulated the students who secured top positions in their classes and their parents on the success of their children. Being impressed with the confidence and finesse of two young students conducting the event, the minister appreciated them for hosting the programme in an organized manner. Later, the minister distributed the certificates among the position holders. Chief Executive of the school Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed Warraich informed the minister and participants about the performance of the school.