LAHORE Punjab University History Department in collaboration with Pakistan Study Centre organised a seminar on European perception about Pakistan and Islam. Prof Aslam Syed, a renowned scholar and an eminent historian, presently working in Bochum University, Germany, was the keynote speaker. Prof Dr S Qalb-i-Abid presenting a paper said that fear of Islam and Muslims had taken a new turn in the western world after 9/11 events. He said the western world had forgotten the contribution made by the Muslim civilizations for the development of mankind. The Bush administration and its neoconservative advisors like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Samuel Huntington misguided the American administration in many ways. Prof Aslam Syed pointed out that European scholars are of the view that Pakistans cultural diversity and historical legacy is not visible in the political and social norms of Pakistani society. European writers admire the talent in Pakistan but they are surprised to see that the talent was not being properly utilized in the country. There is bad governance and appointments on higher positions are not done on merit but on favoritism. That the rich and poor gap is widening and it manifests misery and prosperity in the same neighbourhood. Islam is used as a mask to justify inhuman and gender sensitive activities. Western scholars are surprised to see that Pakistani leadership is more responsive to foreign demands than to safeguard its own national interest. Social evils like corruption, favoritism, nepotism and the policy of adhocism are often referred as prominent traits of Pakistani society. European and German views indeed are reflective of their historical experience and social values. Presentations by Prof S Qalb-i-Abid and Prof Aslam Syed were followed by question answer session in which students and teachers enthusiastically participated.