ISLAMABAD - The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based inflation has increased to 20.21 percent during the week ending on December 2, against the same period of previous year, Federal Bureau of Statistics reported on Saturday. According to the figures, SPI based inflation recorded an increase of over 20 percent during last week. The increase in inflation ahead of Reformed General Sales Tax shows that government had failed to provide any economic relief to the masses. The inflation would further accelerate from the start of New Year, as government is all set to impose taxes on majority of food items. It is interesting to note that on one side government is giving tax exemptions to food commodities while on the other hand it is going to impose taxes on the inputs used in producing food items which government is claiming exempted from taxes. According to the representatives of Agricultural Associations, RGST on inputs would lead to increase the prices of food items by some 30 percent, which means that inflation would further increase in the coming months. However, according to the FBS figures, the SPI based inflation recorded at 20.60 percent for the lowest income group (earning just Rs 3,000 per month), while it was recorded at 20.36 percent for the income group of Rs 3,001 to Rs 5,000 during the week. It surged by 20.26 percent for the groups falling under the category of having income from Rs 5,001 to Rs 12,000, while for the high-income group (above Rs 12,000), it enhanced by 19.93 percent during last week over the same period of the previous year. Out of the samples of 53 kitchen items, prices collected from 25 urban centres, 26 items showed increase in prices, 9 items registered decline and the prices of 18 items remained unchanged as compared to the previous week. Within a span of one week, the price of bananas increased 17.19 percent, red chillies, 42.45 percent, cooking oil, 18.13 percent, vegetable ghee, 18.13 percent, tea (prepared), 27.16 percent, salt, 6.30 percent, mustard oil, 19.08 percent, mutton, 35.94 percent, beef, 26.88 percent, kerosene, 13.33 percent, rice basmati broken, 16.81 percent and LPG (11 kg cylinder) 24.09 percent during the last week over the corresponding period of 2009.