TAKHT BHAI Jamiat Ulama-i-Islam (JUI-F) MNA and Member of Standing Committee on Religious Affairs, Maulana Mohammad Qasim said on Saturday that his party would continue opposition to imposition of new taxes, as it would cast bad impact on the living of the common people. We have outrightly opposed the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) and will do so in future. It will affect people. Thus, its opposition would continue in and outside the Parliament. The JUI-F, despite being a coalition partner, had opposed the RGST in Senate. Similarly, it would be rejected in National Assembly he said this while talking to TheNation. Maulana Qasim said that it was the time to give maximum relief to the common people and not to levy more taxes on them, as they were already confronting numerous challenges, adding, that instead of imposing more taxes, the government should trim expenses, reduce number of ministers and avoid unnecessary foreign trips forthwith. Holding Minister for Religious Affairs and DG Haj responsible for massive corruption and mismanagement in Haj affairs, he said that such large scale corruption would not have happened, if the recommendations had been timely implemented, which the committee had already submitted to the government in a report. The report, he informed, were compiled and submitted by the standing committee of National Assembly on religious affairs to the Federal Government, after visiting Saudi Arabia almost ten months back. We had figured out certain corruption in hiring buildings for Hujaj. As, the same building, in the same location, with having same rooms had been hired by other countries for their Hujjaj (pilgrims) in less amount than that charged against the Pakistani pilgrims, which he termed an injustice. The authorities concerned, he alleged, had committed corruption in hiring these buildings, because most of the buildings lacked in basic facilities like water and transportation, besides these buildings were situated at a distance from Haram Sharif. We had brought it into the knowledge of the government and the Federal Minister but he did not take any notice he said. Maulana Qasim who is also the provincial Secretary General of the JUI-F said, We are certain that had these shortcomings been removed timely, the corruption scandal in the Haj affairs might not occur, he said.