The Opposition began its campaign against the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) in the National Assembly by opposing the bill at the committee stage, not just by speaking against it, but by moving formally for the removal of the Chairperson of the relevant committee, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance, Fouzia Wahab of the PPP. As the standing committee chairpersons are supposed to be elected by the committees members, and the members are in turn nominated by the leaders of the parliamentary parties in relation to their numerical strength. Therefore even if Ms Wahab is removed, the PPP nominee will still be elected. The process of her removal, or of deciding against such a removal will consume the committees time, and this will serve to delay the tax, but it will not prevent it. However, following such a course, while it is highly unlikely to prevent the tax being imposed on the date the government has promised the IMF, will allow the opposition parties to claim that they opposed the Bill, which is what they wish. However, though in the end it is not possible for an opposition to overturn a government majority, no matter how much the measure to be defeated is in violation of the nations interest, such opposition, which is without precedent, and thus clearly very strong, will stand it in good stead at the next election, an important consideration for an opposition that had begun with participation in the government. The Opposition move came after the Committee met to consider the new tax, and the chairs conduct provoked this move. Thus it should not be considered merely a parliamentary tactic, but the opposition protesting arbitrary rulings by the Chair on which members were to speak and for how long, and when the committee was to be adjourned. If The Opposition remains dissatisfied with the chairperson of such an important committee, its budgets are likely to face difficulties in future. Thus the government must seek to remove any opposition objections to the committee structure if it seeks smooth passage of its legislation. Since the Finance Committee is the one which deals with budgeting, its smooth running is of prime importance. The PPP must not consider the feelings of any individual, even if that person, like Ms Wahab, is a central officebearer of the party, and must take a decision in the national interest, which it has ignored for too long. The committees are not meant to provide an opportunity to the opposition, but to smooth the path of the government in carrying out legislation. However, it is also supposed to act as a check on it. Let it be kept to its role, which is in the governments own interest.