KARACHI (APP) - Shipping activity remained active was recorded at Port Qasim where three ships carrying containers, chemicals and furnace oil were arranged berthing at Qasim International Container Terminal, Engro Vopak Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Friday. Meanwhile four more ships carrying container, furnace oil and vegetable oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours, according to a report of PQA issued here on Saturday. Berth occupancy was managed at the Port at 67pc on Friday where a total of eight ships namely C.V Glory, M.V Rahmea-I, M.V BM Challenge, M.V Hae Song, M.V Wales II, M.V S.D Glory, M.T Royal Jasper and M.T New Activity are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, rice, cement, seeds, chemicals and crude oil respectively. Cargo throughput during last 24 hours stood at 56,640 tonnes comprising 35,186 tonnes imports and 21,454 tonnes exports inclusive 1,732 containerized cargo (TEUs) was handled at the Port. Five ships C.V Sea Ways Venture, C.V MSC Freedom, M.T Royal Jasper, M.V Rahmea-I and M.V Hea Song sailed out to sea during last 24 hours, while another ship C.V Glory is expected to sail on Saturday. Two ships C.V Saudi Tabuk and M.T Chem Bulk Ulsan carrying containers and palm are expected to take berths at take berths at Container Terminal and Liquid Terminal respectively on Saturday, Dec 04th. Two ships C.V Saudi Tabuk and M.V Hiba Al-Noor-B are due to arrive at Port Qasim on same day, while another container ship Maersk Montana is due to arrive on Sunday, Dec 5th.