KARACHI (APP) - The newly established Sindh Bank will establish 50 branches across the country, said its Chief Executive, Bilal Shaikh on Saturday. Talking to APP, he said that 70 per cent branches will be set up in Sindh and rest in commercial hubs of other provinces. Initially we will have 5 branches in this month, three in Karachi, one in Hyderabad and one in Naudero, Larkana, he said. Shaikh said that Sindh Bank will have branches in 23 districts each while 10 will be in other provinces and 17 will be at very lucrative commercial areas of Karachi. It is very competitive environment and our main target will be mostly the small growers, salaried class and small and medium size enterprises, Shaikh said adding that presently huge loans were not in favour of banks. He said that the Sindh Bank will also have branches two in Lahore, one in Sialkot, Peshawar and Quetta as well. Bilal Shaikh said that one of the bank branch will be set and inaugurated on Dec 26, another will be opened in Hyderabad between Dec 20 to 25 while in Karachi, one branch will be on I.I. Chundrigar Road, another near Governor House and another at Sharae-Faisal this month. Referring to his banking experience, the Chief Executive of Sindh Bank said that he was determined to follow the prudential regulations of the Central Bank to run the Bank on modern lines. He said that the Board of Directors of the Bank will meet on 13th of December and submit its manual to the Central Bank on Dec 14 for commencement of commercial business in the year 2011. About the global recession, Shaikh said that his Bank will offer credit to the small growers and salaried class at very competitive rates and efforts will be made to restore the confidence of the clients. We will do our best to target clients with micro finance objects as big creditors have disappointed the bankers and it is much easier to get recovery from small creditors as compared the big and influential, he added. About the top priorities of the Bank he said that economic development in the province will be give utmost importance and that was the reason that his bank will target small growers and individuals. He said that the Bank is listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and has taken birth under the Banking Companies Ordinance.