There is no denying the fact that problems do exist in every society; but the real issue is to understand those problems fully and then evolving a strategy to solve them effectively. Unless a person is able to realise the gravity of the situation and significance of the issue, he would not be able to overcome the problem. Also, bravery is not something gigantic and definitive; it means facing problems patiently and solving them intelligently. The majority of our population consists of youngsters and students, who the future leaders of the country. Studying books is not actually knowledge. It is something to understand and applying it practically. One has to get some positive results which might have to do something with society, and also by transferring it to other members of society. The basic problem in our youngsters or students is lack of confidence, due to which they are unable to perform well. Even though they might have some knowledge, they fail in life due to lack of confidence and this failure leads them to devastation of their social life. Another problem being faced by the students is the environment in which an individual is brought up. If the environment is good and satisfactory, social linkages of the individual would be good they would have positive impact on the students. SYED ASAD RAZA, Lahore, December 4.