WikiLeaks has disclosed another key point regarding Pakistan-US ties, which is about putting a condition on Pakistan for securing a nuclear cooperation with superpower likewise India. According to WikiLeaks, during a meeting with President Zardari in 2009, a USs Senator John Kerry placed a condition on Pakistan that the latter would have to ink a 'New Security Arrangement accord with neighbour India, if it wanted a civil nuclear cooperation with US, according to leaked memos of US diplomatic cables, cited in a letter of the then US ambassador N.W Patterson. Citing a letter of Patterson, WikiLeaks claimed that Senator Kerry wanted Pakistan to make agreement with New Delhi on New Security Arrangement, if latter was looking for winning a cooperation with US on Civil Nuclear deal. Kerry also urged Pakistan to strengthen democratic institutions first for the purpose, leaked diplomatic cables disclosed. Senator said AQ Khan network was key hurdle in way of progress of Pakistan. While, during the same sitting, President Zardari told him that India itself plotted Mumbai Attacks in November 2008.