ISLAMABAD - Since WikiLeaks disclosure that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ordered the US diplomats to spy on the United Nations, the covert US agenda stands exposed, however, at the same time, it is also a cause of concern for American diplomats serving in the UN. A large number of UN diplomats carrying American nationalities are serving on key positions in the UN agencies performing important duties. Whether this disclosure has compromised their reputations is yet to be seen but in a country like Pakistan where the UN monitors key aid programmes, the particular revelation might negatively affect the UNs relationship with its donor states, a development that could be detrimental to the already lean humanitarian-funding scenario in Pakistan. But, a UN diplomat thinks otherwise. Talking to TheNation from New York, Michael Ben, senior international staff member of a UN agency, opined that the WikiLeaks exposure about spying could be an obvious reference to Afghanistan, not rest of the world. Ben, who had formerly worked as a humanitarian consultant in Afghanistan, however agreed that such an event could compromise the official positions of Americans serving in the UN. Sharing views in his personal capacity, he made it clear that his views did not represent his official position at the UN. Of course, with this kind of stuff coming out just like that, you find yourself in worrisome state of mind especially when you are an American but I think that spying thing is a reference to Afghanistan and not the rest of world, he said. The dimensions of the foreign forces presence in Afghanistan do not necessarily have to be obvious, Michael said. When asked to elaborate on his argument, the diplomat said, Afghanistan is a unique country facing an extraordinary war-like situation and the outcome is not predictable, thats all I can say. Michael replied hesitantly when asked to comment on the US dominance and the UNs questionably compromising role in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a whole different set of priorities that are reshaped by the power brokers, Im not going to point fingers but I think the Afghan Policy needs an overhaul. Regarding Pakistan, he said, I dont think the WikiLeaks disclosure about espionage is going to affect Pakistans humanitarian scenario in any possible way. On the contrary, a senior UN diplomat serving in Pakistan, requesting anonymity, said, Im not going to say its right or wrong but its very unfortunate to say the least. Such kind of information keeps coming out at crucial times. The donors, you see, are very sensitive to negativities, and if anything goes wrong, it definitely affects the UNs relationship with partners, he said implying that the already slow influx of humanitarian funds could receive a setback. This is not the first time that the USs condemnable role in promoting its expansionist agenda has adversely affected the reputation of international body as well. The rigged Presidential elections in Afghanistan last year with the patronage of NATO and Indo-US nexus had earned United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan international criticism, that created serious differences between former UNAMA chief Kai Eide and the US, paving way for Eides resignation. TheNation has repeatedly exposed the agenda of CIA and FBI operatives in Pakistan who operate in the garb of diplomats and humanitarian workers and some shocking details pertaining to their activities have been unearthed in this newspaper a number of times.