The Americans have suddenly slowed down the pace in shifting the sensitive equipment from Shami Airbase to meet Pakistans demand of its complete evacuation. Preliminarily, in a bid to evacuate the airbase, one US jumbo jet land at the airbase and shifted the important and sensitive documents from the base. Three drone planes and American army personnel were also seen at the Shamshi airbase. Most of the equipments including radars are still in working conditions and they have not been removed. It is impossible that Americans could meet the deadline of December 11 set by Pakistan to vacate the base. Sources told that delay in the evacuation of airbase is immanent, because of heavy load of radar and other sensitive and sophisticated equipment through aero-plane, however the Americans are not willing to left these equipment after their evacuation. The Americans are hopeful that Pakistan will give them time to shift their equipment to Afghanistan or any other unknown place in the region. On Monday, the American army personnel burnt some unnecessary equipment and documents at a corner of the air base and its smoke were also visible. Amid all these activities, the Americans inside the base as well the Pakistan security forces have maintained strict security around the base area.