ISLAMABAD - Chief of his own faction of Pakistan People's Party, Aftab Ahmad Khan, has said that the government was wrongly claiming the endorsement of Parliament for its decision of Bonn Conference boycott, as they had brought the matter before the Parliamentary Committee on National Security after taking decision on it at the cabinet. Talking to TheNation here on Sunday, Sherpao, who was interior ministr in the previous government and widely respected for his efforts for Afghan peace, said that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security is just a recommendatory body and bringing the matter before the committee after taking the absolute decision on Bonn Conference in Defence Committee of the Cabinet was just like putting the horse before the cart. Explaining his position that even then he along with some other members of the committee had strongly opposed the decision taken by the government to go for boycott of the Bonn Conference and contended that Pakistan could plead its case and lodge its protest on NATO attack on Pakistan Army check-posts on Afghan border in a much better way in the Bonn Conference. He said that with the boycott of the Bonn Conference, starting in Germany today with 100 countries and organizations participation from well over the world, Pakistan would suffer as big blow to its success and as the conference is to discuss NATO troops withdrawal and the transfer of powers to the Afghan Security Forces, besides the measures to be adopted for achieving durable peace in the war-torn country. Responding to a question about its fallout on the Pak-Afghan relations, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that it would also harm the trust-building measures between the two states as people of Afghanistan would view the Pakistan's boycott as something against them in case the conference failed to achieve the desired goals. He said that he had opposed the decision of boycott in the Parliamentary Committee on National Security meeting and contested that Pakistan should avail this opportunity to present their case as NATO and US could be brought under tremendous pressure for their intrusion into Pakistani border and attack on Pakistan Army check-posts resulting in the death of over two dozen Army personnel. To a question, he said that the Bonn Conference is being held after the gap of 10 years and it would be focusing on post-NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, transition of security responsibility of the country from NATO to Afghan National Security Force. The matter of extension of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan would also be discussed in the conference as for quite some time the formula of 2014 plus 10 would also be taken at the forum whether after the withdrawal NATO and US should keep limited strength of forces in Afghanistan for another 10 years or not. However, he said that the decision to block NATO supplies to Afghanistan via Pakistan and orders for getting Shamsi airbase vacated were the right steps and they had fully endorsed these steps of the government. To a question about recovering from this setback of boycott of Bonn Conference, Sherpao said that now Pakistan should send delegations to European countries for lobbying in support of its stance for endgame in Afghanistan and the attack issue. He further said that Pakistan should also activate its diplomatic missions around the world especially in western countries in this regard.