Minister for Interior Rehman Malik Monday said United States government must take action against Mansoor Ijaz for violating US laws and passing false statements against armed forces and leadership of the country.About Ijaz statements of countrys leadership and Haqqani knowledge regarding Abbotabad operation, Malik said US itself admitted that Pakistani government and Haqqani were not aware about the operation so US must take action against Mansoor Ijaz for passing false statements.Pakistan has always been asked to do more but it is time for US to take action against the person who is violating its law by misguiding the international community, Rehman Malik said while talking to media after a meeting held at Interior Ministry regarding law and order situation during Muharram. All the information related to Mansoor Ijaz has been collected and interpol will be approached for further investigation. Rehman Malik said from the very 1st day, Mansoor Ijaz is changing his stance on the issue. Rehman Malik asked Pakistan Muslim League-N to approach Supreme Court on Ijaz Mansoor issue and the government will extend its support. To a question he said the government will honor and implement the decision of the Supreme court on Hussain Haqqani. However, he said Hussain Haqqani has not any intention of leaving Pakistan and if he wanted to leave the country, he would not have been come back. Rehman Malik said Pakistans decision for not participating in Bonn conference was in accordance with the aspiration of people. He said as many as 36,000 person have been killed in war against terrorism while about 65 billion dollar have been wasted in this war. We will not allow any one to violate the sovereignty of the country at any cost. We feel proud on our nation who knows how to defend frontiers of the country, he said. To a question, he said all the chief secretaries Inspector General and secretary interior are closely monitoring the law and order situation. The government has provided more security officials and helicopters to the provinces on their request to ensure security during Muharram. He said extra cameras have been installed to check the movement of the Muharram congregations. He said Frontier Core, rangers have been deployed in the sensitive areas. There were some indications of terrorist activity in some areas of Karachi on Muharram 8 and the government ensured strict security measures. The Minister said there were reports that the elements who have attacked Chaudhry Aslam home can carry out terrorists activities during Muharram. He appreciated the role of Ulema and religious scholars for following the code of conduct adopted before the Muharram. Rehman Malik urged Ulema and religious scholars across the country to spread message of love and brotherhood while Taliban should also respect the month of Muharram.