Reference: An article from AR Jerral (The Nation 28.11.2011) It is told that within three years of PPP government , an electricity crisis has emerged wherein the industry has crippled while the public have resorted to rioting due to the prices of electricity going up twice the rates. Instead of openly declaring the rates 200 percent by the Wapda, they have deceitfully imported a new energy metre and forced it on the consumers. The charges have been raised through this apparatus without any prior permission of the common public or any publicity. The change to fleece the consumers has taken place on the quiet to the chagrin of the stakeholders through a despotic mechanism. The new bolt from the blue reads first 100 units at Rs 4.54 for a unit, next at Rs 6.86 with ending at the culmination of Rs 13.29 per unit. The experts view that the above tariff and the instrument will produce hefty bills which can only be afforded by the rich consumers or those who can get free electricity. The beauty of the new metre is that it keeps working throughout even when the lights are off and it is beyond the consumer to read or understand the readings. We were well conversed with the old metre. A. Q. ANJUM, Rawalpindi, December 4.