LAHORE - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani chat with journalists at State Guest House became talk of the town and PMs claim that there exists no threat to government started a new debate in political circles because whenever a government weakens, it starts such claims. PMs rhetoric that Army intervention is responsible for disaster in Pakistan and the military should not intervene in politics has achieved vital importance in political circles. People question what forced PM Gilani to talk about the Army role on this juncture. Interestingly, Gilani used soft language about PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and termed his decision to move SC against memogate scandal as his right. The PM said that in his personal view, Nawaz should not have moved SC as Parliament forum was there. In this way, the PM and Nawaz have the same viewpoint about the issue. Nawaz also said that army should not interfere in politics. This situation has alarmed people. Now, it remains to be seen how both the major political parties PPP and PML-N tackle the issue. Meanwhile, PPP South Punjab President Makhdoom Shahhabuddin has said Nawaz Sharif is employing rough tactics to derail the present democratic system. He vowed to foil PML-N's conspiracy to grab power through backdoor. Talking to sate-run news agency APP, he said people were fed up with Nawaz Sharif's politics of hypocrisy and would reject his party in the next elections. Since the inception of the present government, he said, Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif made so many attempts to destabilise the PPP government but the sagacious party leadership always ignored them as it wanted continuation of the present system. The PPP leader said the country was passing through a critical phase of its history and it was not the time to implicate the government in petty issues. "The national situation demands unity among all political forces," he said, adding that there was no threat to the government. He said stopping Nato supplies was a daring step which the government had taken to make western countries realise the importance of Pakistan.