It is disturbing to see political parties dragging noble institutions into politics. It shows how low they can stoop. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is one of the most prestigious and technologically advanced hospitals of not only the country but also of the world. The institution has stood the test of time and against all odds has continued to provide support to cancer patients. While our politicians simply take the next flight to US once diagnosed with cancer, the Shaukat Khanum Hospital has believed in the value of life of the poor for whom cancer is the ultimate death statement. To raise false allegations against the noble institution that has been serving humanity is a shame. Let it be known to these opportunist politicians that when you criticise Shaukat Khanum Hospital you dont just take it up with an institution but you in fact take it up against millions of Pakistanis who have supported it since the last 17 years. Imran Khan has already done more than his share by giving Pakistan its first cancer Hospital that all the governments failed to establish till date. If politicians want to compete with him they should set up not one but two hospitals and show to the people that they genuinely care for them. Only then can they claim that they are better than Khan. AMMARA SALEEM, Lahore, December 2.