World history is witness of this matter that in the past the systems which were considered very stable, today people are not even ready to accept them. Consider the way with which the communism was defeated in its biggest experiment and Ex-Russia (USSR) was made target of dilapidation. Quite in the same way today people in 970 cities of 80 countries of the world are protesting with unanimity against Capitalism in which intellectuals and young men are in the vanguard. Moral bankruptcy of bankers and politicians is the basic cause of failure of interest based business and Capitalism. Since America and European governments are flourishing under debts, taken from banks and in order to support their sinking economies, what these governments are doing is known to common men of these countries, and are well aware of this fact that they are not ready to accept this exploitation-based system. Under these circumstances what we should do? It is an important and natural question. We should be satisfied over few points. First thing is that Muslims of Pakistan should refresh faith in their religion. This relationship and faith would lead to the road of development, moral edification and prosperity. The second important aspect is that one must never lose hope. Third important aspect is to unite and arrange the Muslim Ummah. Also after careful thinking, plans for economic, social and political development of the country should be chalked out. In order to achieve this objective, common masses, intellectuals, students, lawyers, and the civil society must play its role. S. A. KHOKHAR, Lahore, December 4.