Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan has declared that the NATO attack on Pakistani check post, which killed 24 soldiers on November 26, would be appealed before the International Court of Justice. This is intriguing because it contrasts with the governments objection to the 'memogate commission set up by the Supreme Court. The same commission to which Dr Firdous Awan alongside ex-minister Babar Awan vociferously objected. That the government was too hasty to dismiss the commission set up by the Supreme Court was shown by the fresh accusations made by one of its main characters, Mansoor Ijaz, who earlier claimed that he had given the offending memo to US Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen. His latest novelesque revelation is that President Zardari and Pakistans Ambassador in the USA at the time, Mr Haqqani knew about the Abbottabad raid beforehand. Mr Ijaz made his claim in an article posted on Friday night on the website of The Daily Beast-Newsweek. Dr Awans statement, made at the inter-faith harmony conference in Sialkot on Saturday, showed that even PPP ministers knew that the nation demanded an impartial enquiry into 'memogate. The PPP should not have as its motive saving the President from embarrassment. Mr Ijaz has many questions unanswered about himself, but that is not the only response to his allegations that the PPP should be making. Especially after the resignation of Pakistans Ambassador to the USA, handpicked by President Zardari himself, Hussain Haqqani, this matter should be cleared, so that the innocent and guilty both may be identified. The investigation by the Supreme Court would not preclude any recourse to the ICJ, and Dr Awan should realize that such an investigation would only have weight before it. Besides, an investigation is needed into Mr Ijazs allegations, both old and new, if only to prove that the President had no foreknowledge of the raid, nor of the memo sent to the Admiral. And that enquiry is best conducted by a commission appointed by the judiciary, because any executive or legislative commission would suffer from the accusation of partiality that could be made because the President is also Co-Chairman of the PPP. The PPP might well claim it does not wish to dignify Mr Ijazs claims, but the fact is that the scandal makes it necessary to clear the name of the President, as well as others involved, notably Mr Haqqani. For that, the Supreme Courts commission still is the best option.