US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Bonn conference on Afghanistans future on Monday that Pakistans participation would have been benefited Afghanistan and the whole world. While speaking at the conference, attended by representatives from more than 90 countries, she said that no one in the world was more concerned than the US to know what actually happened in recent border incident which left 24 Pakistani soldiers killed. She urged the Afghan government to carry out reforms and strengthen democracy added that security was the main problem, facing the war-torn country. She said that the US supported peace efforts in Afghanistan and said that her country was determined to train and assist Afghan forces. Clinton said killing of former Afghan president Burhanddin Rabbani inflicted great loss to peace efforts in Afghanistan. She said those provding financial assistance to Afghanistan were facing economic problems. She said that the US wanted to know the facts into the Nato raid on Pakistans military checkposts. Every body wants to know what happened in Pak-Afghan border Clinton added. Earlier Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that nothing has been done to end cross border attacks inside Afghanistan. Speaking in a crucial meeting on Afghanistan future after combat forces withdrawal in Bonn, Germany, the president showed resentment with Pakistan for cross border attacks from its territory. Islamabad boycotted the moot after killing of its soldiers by the Nato forces. He said that assassination of former Afghan president and a peace broker Burhanuddin Rabbani, which is attributed to Pakistan by the Afghan authorities, proved to be a big blow to peace process in the war-torn country. Karzai said the Afghan government was ready to hold talks with those Taliban willing to renounce violence. He said that second phase of transition power to local forces from allied forces would be completed by February 2012. He said that complete drawdown of combat forces would be completed as per schedule that is May 2014. Karzai thanked the international community for its generosity for Afghan people and added Afghan people dont want to be a burden on them.