An 11-year-old boy suffered agonising burns to his legs when a BlackBerry mobile exploded and set fire to his bed.

Kian McCreath, of Holbrooks, Coventry, woke up screaming with melted plastic stuck to his legs after his brother’s phone burst into flames in their shared bedroom.

The schoolboy’s mother Sarah, 39, doused the burning duvet and mattress and put her son into the bath before he was taken to University Hospital.

Kian’s family are now demanding BlackBerry’s popular Curve 9320 mobile phone be recalled from shops.

The phone, which belonged to Kian’s brother, Mason, was bought as a present for his 13th birthday a fortnight earlier.

Ms McCreath said she had placed the phone on Kian’s bed after finding it on the landing charging last Sunday.

‘It was about 2.30am and I couldn’t sleep so I came downstairs,’ she said. ‘As I left my room and noticed Mason’s phone on charge on the landing. ‘I know the phone has an alarm he uses, so I unplugged it and plonked it on Kian’s bed.

‘I thought nothing of it, made a cup of tea then I heard a really loud “pop” sound. Kian started screaming at the top of his voice, shouting “my bed’s on fire!” ‘It was just horrific.’–MOL