Two-and-a-half years ago, the Chief Minister of Punjab decided to bring about a scheme to promote agriculture in Punjab. He allotted land to graduates from agriculture colleges and provided them easy installments on the land. The so-called politicians MPA and MNA think that they are the lords at the regional levels; they come around for votes but never to share the misery of the poor of their area. These said MPA’s and MNA’s are worse than the land mafia and grabbing groups, as they have a few gunmen who go around laying their own law.

I am one such graduate who put all his resources to cultivate the barren land allotted to me. I have been working hard on the land and have successfully cultivated it, now the local MPA has requested the land revenue personal to cancel my allotment and take the land back. This land was granted by the CM’s scheme and this will bring shame to this wonderful and constructive program to help young farmers in improving Pakistan agriculture, as well as provide them with a sustainable livelihood. I have worked hard and put all my family’s meager resources and savings into making it a success. My whole family is disturbed, we also sold all my property to cultivate this land. With rising inflation and joblessness in Pakistan if these corrupt MPA’s and MNA’s take away the little we have how will we survive? I would like to request the Chief Minister Punjab to please look into the matter personally and take necessary measures.


Pakpattan, December 3.