RAWALPINDI  - Gamblers’ network is active in different localities of city, while the police and authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to this situation.

The residents expressed grave concerns over mushroom growth of gambling dens in Sadiqabad, Dhok Hassu, Cannt areas, Azizabad, Saddar, Raja Bazaar, Committee Chowk, Mohan Pura, Arjan Nagar, Pirwadhai, Loharan, Khayaban Sirsyed, Dhok Ratta Amraal, Akaal Garh, Chamanzar, Sirsyed intersection, Tench Bhata, Workshopi street, Dhok Khabba, Dhok Matkiyaal, Chohar Harpaal, Misriyaal, Ganjmandi, Kartarpura, Ganjmandi and other areas.

Muhammad Wasim, a resident of Dhok Hassu, said existence of gambling dens at such a large scale in city was a proof of negligence and failure of police.

The residents expressed dismay that the menace of gambling was penetrating in youngsters.

The residents of the city have demanded of higher authorities to take immediate action against the gambling dens in the city.