MULTAN - High Court Bar Association Multan (HCBAM) President Mehmood Ashraf Khan has claimed that the plane of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamma Chaudhry was set on fire but the government failed to achieve its vicious goals.

Addressing a news conference here at HCBAM Hall on Tuesday, he added that the plan of the Chief Justice was set ablaze under a vicious conspiracy. “Flying a plane with defect in engines and then suspending oxygen supply clearly indicates that the intentions of the rulers were bad. We demand immediate inquiry into this incident and strict action against the conspirators,” he demanded. He said that he warned conspirators in the government to refrain from hatching conspiracies against the Chief Justice otherwise lawyers would take them to the task.

Referring to Karachi, he said that the law and order situation in Karachi was being deteriorated by some elements intentionally. “Even government’s writ is challenged in Karachi,” he added. He said that the current regime had become a threat to democracy and masses as it paved way for dictatorship in the country.

He alleged that the CNG station owners did not obey historic order of Supreme Court on behest of the government. “It’s contempt of court,” he warned. He said that Kalabagh Dam was inevitable for the country as it was the only way to bring prosperity back to the country. “I’d suggest to the political actors not to stage their drama on this issue and let the nation construct this dam.”

THREE COPS: Three police cops were injured when a mobile van overturned in attempt to save a cart here on Tuesday.

According to details, the Mumtazabad Police during snap-checking on Old Dunyapur Road chased a suspected vehicle and while negotiating a sharp turn a cart suddenly appeared from opposite direction. The driver in attempt to save the cart applied the brakes due to which the van overturned and three police cops including constable Rashid Minhas, Amjad and driver Noor Muhammad sustained wounds.

The injured were shifted to Nishtar Hospital.