LAHORE – PTI chief Imran Khan on Tuesday said that there was no shortage of resources in Pakistan and that only good governance was needed to put the country on the road to progress.

Imran said this while talking to the party leaders during a meeting at his residence.

While claiming that PTI being the first party of the sub-continent, which held intra-party polls, Khan said that he along with his party workers would break the tradition of dynastic politics.

Imran claimed that PTI intra-party polls would provide the country a new leadership, besides thriving political tradition that had been overlooked by leaders of major political parties so far. He maintained that PTI would emerge as party of the masses and it would award tickets to those persons only who were elected by party parliamentary board on merit with substantial input from the district party organisations.

He maintained that all the party members would have to comply with the rules of party to create a new Pakistan under the tsunami of PTI.

PTI chief claimed that he would introduce a new local body system and purge the country of looters and swindlers.

Imran maintained that he was confident that the dream of a new Pakistan would come true in the result of the next general elections in which the masses would vote for change.

PTI president, Javed Hashmi citing groupings among the party ranks ahead of intra-party polls in Punjab has asked the party members on this occasion that they should maintain unity among their ranks and all party activists were their asset.