For one thing, one would not find fault with PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif’s observation that the Kalabagh Dam can only be built if the entire nation agrees to its construction. It is clear enough that the issue which has been needlessly politicised and has now become the proverbial Gordian knot would require national consensus in order to become a reality.

National interest should be kept in mind rather than the pursuit of narrow political objectives. The impression that such vibes would generate is that the PML-N leader has been so far talking about it instead of practically striving towards that end. And lack of practical support would mean that he could be thinking of garnering support from KPK and Sindh where he has been engaged in a canvassing campaign. Being a national leader, he ought to have clarified these points and told the people right away that the project is a national necessity. He could have, likewise, talked with the other leaders resisting the project for political reasons. Given the circumstances, when the country is reeling under prolonged power crunch and the industry is in its death throes, lip service would hardly do. Since it was the politicians who turned the issue into a countrywide discord, it is up to them to tell the people that it is a matter of survival. The Lahore High Court has also given its verdict which should make their duty less cumbersome.