MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Former Press Club president Raja Sarwar said that during 35 years rule of martial law more developments were made in every sector and the common man enjoyed more rights as compared to democratic governments.

 He was addressing a seminar titled “Martial Law and Democracy in Pakistan” held here the other day.

A senior journalist Zahid Sharif said that martial law governments remained friendly to the masses and promoted their welfare where as democratic governments were hostile to them and made their life difficult following anti-people policies.

He said that democratic rules always served and strengthened elite classes and deprived the common man of their rights and country presented a dismal picture in human rights, civil and criminal justice, regulatory enforcement, and accountability during democratic era. Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) President Capt(r) Muhammad Aslam Gondal said that World Justice Project in its 2012 Rule of Law Index had placed Pakistan at number 7 in corrupt countries and number 1 with regard to poor law and order situation, which was matter of shame for the democratic government.

Advocate Haji Abdul Gafar blamed people for bringing corrupt leaders to power and said that if they had elected honest and competent leaders, the country would not have suffered.

Syed Tanveer Naqvi said that democracy in Pakistan was maid of feudal lords and industrialists therefore, expecting any betterment for downtrodden from democratic governments was a wishful thinking.