LAHORE – Two National College of Arts (NCA) bigwigs have written to the Principal Office to relieve them from service in protest against the limits to their powers they enjoy under the NCA Ordinance 1985, TheNation learnt on Tuesday.

According to sources, NCA Registrar Nadeem Hasssan Khan and administrator officer Agha Khaliq Dad Khan wrote separately to the Principal Office, making requests for relieving them from service after getting annoyed with incumbent NCA Principal Shabnam Khan.

Ms Khan, who had been given additional charge of principal of the NCA about two months ago, had made a number of changes to administrative affairs, crossing her domain because she is supposed to run the institute as an acting principal for three months without a role in policy-making, the sources claimed.

The principal had issued an office order on November 29, saying: “The Registrar’s key responsibility is to manage and supervise the Education Department making sure that the transparency and secrecy is established in students’ attendances, preparation and delivery of degrees, transcripts, attendance records, scholarships, medical certificates, and other concessions students claim due to certain family problems, financial constraints, issues that ford to hinder their academic progress. Registrar manages all the above and other important works related directly to students in a manner that students’ interests and NCA’s rules are not jeopardised.”

“In order for these two offices (registrar and principal offices) to work and achieve quality in their respective areas of primary responsibilities, the registrar is to withdraw from management activities, and focus on the Education Department which is in dire need of overhauling. In this he would be assisted by the staff in Education Department.”

Previously, the registrar was responsible of all managerial matters as well as he was the controller of examinations. He was also responsible for financial matters. According the office order issued by the principal, financial matters and dealing with banks have been handed over to the faculty members.

The document further said that the administrative officer would report to the principal and will be responsible in streamlining the college record.

Previously, the administrative officer was responsible for sorting, responding, forwarding daily mail to respective individuals, offices and organisations. But, according to the new office order, he has been given a job of record keeper. He is officer of grade 17 and has more than 30 years experience with this college.

On this move by the principal, senior faculty members and head of different departments express their concern as they had not been consulted regarding the matter. They fear that handing over the managerial issues to the faculty members, who were unexercised in this regard, could harm the business of the college as well as education.