Ever since Lahore High Court has ordered the construction of Kalabagh Dam in light of decision of Counsel of Common Interests there has been a cacophony of discordant voices raised by self-styled politicians. Some of them say that Sindh would become a desert, others say KPK would drown, still others say that Federation world break and Sindh would opt out if Kalabagh Dam’s is constructed. All these voices are self-serving and devoid of any logic in that how can a Dam that would store 6.1 MAF of water during flood season of glacier melt and rainwater, to be shared by all the provinces on equitable bases, with a generous share of 37 percent for Sindh equal to Punjab would hurt anyone.

Punjab and KPK could get their shares only from Kalabagh Dam by a left bank canal and right bank canal, otherwise all the water would flow downstream without being utilized as the existing barrages cannot yield more water due to shortage of storage capacity. These two provinces cannot get their share of water as per Water Accord of 1991 from any other Dam including the Bhasha Dam. As such any right thinking person cannot raise a voice against Kalabagh Dam except one given to perfidy and illogical stand.


Lahore, December 3.