Artists are known to find inspiration in drink: Vincent van Gogh famously drank absinthe and Salvador Dali enjoyed a glass of Champagne. But a British artist currently taking the world by storm relies on drink - to paint with. Carne Griffiths, 39, uses tea to create his fantastical pictures, which he then sells for up to £4,000 apiece. The Liverpool-born artist has been drawing since he was a young child and has spent years perfecting his technique using the unusual medium. Mr Griffiths said: ‘I love to involve drawing in my work, and using ink and tea allows me to create repeating layers of drawing which I then wash away partly with tea, and make new drawings from what appears beneath. ‘I don’t like to be idle, I suppose drawing is a form of meditation for me so I get my relaxation at those times in the studio.  ‘I think if you are passionate about something, it will find its way into everything you do.’ Mr Griffiths previously worked producing gold wire embroidery for the military, which sparked his desire to move into using textiles with his work.                                   –Daily Mail