MARDAN – Several of the disgruntled workers of Awami National Party (ANP) of provincial constituency of PK-23 have decided to raise black flags and wear black dresses against the alleged indifferent attitude of president and general secretary of the provincial constituency on December 9.

Some of the unhappy workers told TheNation on condition of anonymity that on December 9 Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti will address a public meeting at Baghdada Union Council and majority of the disgruntled party workers have decided to register their protest by raising bring black flags and dresses at the rally.

They further said that majority of the party old and sincere workers were fed up with the alleged rude and indifferent attitude of the president and general secretary of PK-23. They claimed added that both the office bearers ignored the party’s sincere workers.

They further said that the mentioned office bearers allegedly used funds without consulting the party old and sincere workers.

They added that they ignored the party workers in all types of activities and changed party into their own group in provincial constituency.

They said that these office bearers had created sense of deprivation among the old and sincere workers.