SADIQABAD - The PPP Rahim Yar Khan president reaffirmed his commitment to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto’s mission, claiming that his party had become the strongest party of the country and terming the district its second Larkana.

“In the forthcoming general elections, the PPP will win all the national and Punjab assemblies’ seats from Kot Sabzal to Chani Goth. Tehsil Sadiqabad is the PPP’s stronghold,” claimed Javed Akbar Dhilloon while addressing the PPP Sadiqabad tehsil office-bearers and activists at the residence of Habibur Rehman,

Dhilloon said that the PPP-led government was taking revolutionary steps to resolve the people’s problems. “The government made record legislation, promoted the policy of reconciliation and consultation and got amendments passed with consensus. The PPP did not take any revengeful actions against anyone. Insha’Allah, the government will complete its constitutional term and the general elections will be held on time,” he added.

He was of the view that those “hatched conspiracies” against the federal government had failed and now the “disinformation campaign” against the government would also meet a failure. Terming Rahim Yar Khan the PPP’s second Larkana, he said that his party would make a clean sweep in the general elections across the district. He disclosed that Raees Mehboon is the PPP’s candidate in NA 197 and Raees Ibraheem in PP-297 constituency while consultations were underway to nominate a strong candidate in PP-296 constituency.