FAISALABAD -A seminar on Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) was held at the Government College University Faisalabad where speakers urged the Muslims to carry out self-accountability, shun their differences and establish a strong link with Allah Almighty to promote Islam across the globe and make Pakistan an ideal Islamic state.

The seminar was organised by the Department of Punjabi at Fiaz Ahmed Faiz Seminar Room with GCUF Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain in the chair.  Spiritual personalities Sultan Niazul Hassan, Sultan Fiazul Hassan and GCUF Dean Dr Tahir Tounsvi were guests of honor on the occasion.

Dean Dr Shahbaz Arif, Department Chairman Dr Muhammad Riaz Hussain Shah, Prof Hameedullah Shah Hashmi, Mansoor Afaq, Dr Naveed Shahzad, Dr Amjad Bhatti, Prof Amir Hafiz, Dr Tariq Hashmi, Dr Ghulam Akbar, Mumtaz Baloch, Kalyan Singh and Asad Mustafa presented their research papers on the occasion.

The vice chancellor urged the people to make their relation with Allah strong and illuminate their heart with the love of Allah and Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to get success in this world and the world hereafter. He added that Hazrat Sultan Bahu worked hard to educate the people about reality of life and to spread the message of Allah among the people.

“We should get guidelines from the Sufis’ lives to become a good Muslim and play a role for the humanity,” he said, stressing the people to find a path through mysticism to strengthening their link with Allah Almighty.

Fiazul Hassan emphasised the need for promoting the message of Islam across the globe. He said, “The West is dominating our culture so we have to save it by giving the proper guidance to people about our religion in line with Sufis’ teachings. He said that solution to all the problems lies in following in Islam.

Prof Hameedullah said that the life of Hazrat Bahu was only 63 years in which he made tremendous contribution to spreading the message of Allah. Prof Dr Shahbaz Arif termed Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s poetry a light for the humanity and called for understanding it and applying it in our lives. Syed Zafar Shah said, “We have to iron out all differences and work for Islam.” Niazul Hassan offered Rs500,000 for establishment of a Sultan Bahu Chair.