ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Tuesday completed its Islamabad Region intra-party elections after the party officially announced the names of successful office-bearers against some 91 party positions.

Dream Team - one of the two groups of PTI Islamabad those contested the elections - has also filed a petition with party’s central election commission - alleging representatives of Shaheen Group - whose nominated candidates won almost all the important party positions - for rigging election process.

PTI Senior Vice President Hamid Khan Tuesday formally announced the results here at party central office, saying allegations levelled by some party members would thoroughly be probed.

In second phase, a total of 470 elected members voted to elect two panels of 30 candidates each for District East and District West, while a panel of 31 candidates for Islamabad region. Led by Aamir Masood Mughal, Shaheen Group’s nominated candidates won all the important slots including presidents, senior vice presidents and general secretaries in all two districts and the Islamabad region.

In Islamabad region, Aamir Masood Mughal is elected as President. He secured a total of 250 votes. Sohail Ahmed Satti and Imran Shah are elected as senior vice presidents, while Raja Khurram Nawaz as general secretary.

In district East, Rana Anfer Ali is elected as president who secured 99 votes.

Raja Muhammad Idrees and Abdul Razaq Tahir are elected as senior vice presidents, while Raja Masood Farooq as General Secretary.

In district West, Sardar Zahid Akbar announced as President. He grabbed 153 votes. Chaudhry Tariq Aziz and Khurrum Bakhtiar are elected as senior vice presidents, while Raja Faisal Naddem as General Secretary.

All the aforementioned office-bearers are associated with Shaheen Group.

Hamid Khan on the occasion said intra-party elections are aimed to strengthen democratic values and to institutionalise the party. “These are not handpicked people. But elected representatives of the party members,” Khan said.

He said PTI had already initiated the intra-party election process in KPK that would be completed till December 23. “In first phase, some 0.7 million PTI members will elect party office bearers for 1,000 union councils, who subsequently elect regional and then provincial leadership,” Hamid Khan said while informing the intra-party election schedule for KPK.

Hamid Khan said party would announce election schedule for province Punjab on December 8. “Intra-party election in Punjab, that will be commenced at the start of January 2013, will be completed in 8-9 different phases.”

He said in Punjab, 3.3 million registered party members from across 26 districts would vote to elect their leadership. To a question, Hamid Khan said, party was funding these elections from its own resources.