Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources. Natural gas was discovered in 1951 and life style of many Pakistanis changed forever. The use of this wonderful gift of nature remained confined to domestic and industrial use till early 2000s with the onset of consumerism under Shaukat Aziz who boosted the use of compressed natural gas when Banks financed countless vehicles for domestic as well as for commercial use.

Now when almost 3.5 million vehicles have been converted to CNG, government is discouraging its use. It would be a disaster and billions of rupees, including precious foreign exchange, spent on the import of Argentinean and Italian CNG equipment will go to waste. Government’s strategy to restrict the use of CNG or phasing CNG out is yet another blunder in our history. Did no one look into the long term repercussions of allowing CNG and LPG for cars when it started in Pakistan? Can sanity prevail and could a middle stance be taken by all stake holders? We could limit it to only domestic use.


Australia, December 3.