The duties of the three organs of state are clearly defined in the constitution. The parliament is to make laws, executive to govern, and judiciary is empowered to interpret the constitution. In spite of this, the relation between the three is far from cordial. The heads of these bodies, instead of performing their duties in accordance with the provisions of the book, appear to cross lines and encroach upon each other’s territory. For instance, the executive is found wanting in providing good governance, controlling rising prices of commodities, deficient in maintaining law and order to protect life and property of citizens and lags behind in providing equal opportunity in education, health and economic sectors.

The lawmakers, whose prime job is to formulate law for the welfare of people, are working hard to get a large portion of the development funds for personal use, they seek quotas in services and arms licenses, and try to keep a grip over the government functionaries. The apex court, the sole interpreter of constitution and final arbiter of justice seems to be assuming the duties of the executive by issuing directives to heads of institutions and other bodies such as the election commission and fixing prices of commodities in the name of justice.

The media has become instrumental in political affairs of the country. The media often claims to inform and educate people, by presenting facts. However, the reality defies their claims. They at times seem to accelerate an event, through manipulation of public opinion, to happen according to their own agenda and will. Due to conflicting views of lawmakers, the establishment and the judiciary, political polarization has spread in the society. There is a tussle not only between the parliament, executive and the judiciary for supremacy, but also infighting among officers belonging to the same departments. As the saying goes, to ‘err is human’; no one is immune to human weakness, yet, no one in charge of any state institute ever takes responsibility, for any decision. The result is total confusion in the country and I wonder where this struggle for power and influence between the state pillars will take this already poor and battered country.


Islamabad, December 3.