Punjab University College of Art and Design in collaboration with Calligraphers Association of Pakistan is holding a week long International Conference on Calligraphy under the title “Sarir-e-Khama: Art of the Pen” from December 10.  In a press conference, PUCAD Principal Prof Dr Rahat Naveed Masood said that through the conference, it was intended to address the various facets of the art of calligraphy both in time and space.

 She said it was expected that the conference would be attended by experts and well recognised artists in the field of calligraphy from around the world specifically from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, England etc. Dr Rahat Naveed said that the main focus of the conference would be the development and the evolution of calligraphy and its impact on art and architecture of Islam.  Dr Rahat Naveed highlighted that the conference would be accompanied by an exhibition and a workshop. She said the conference would be conducted in the form of academic reading of research papers by experts followed by a five day workshop, conducted by well known experts in the field of calligraphy, which would be attended by potential participants whereby the participants would learn the art of calligraphy in different styles. She said that to add to the overall creative/ pedagogical ambience of the event, certain renowned book dealers would have their book stalls set up on campus.