LAHORE -  A huge variety of crafts from all over Pakistan will again be on displayed as Daachi foundation is organising its next event on 7th and 8th at Tollington Exhibition Hall.

Daachi Foundation has managed to provide immense opportunities to young entrepreneurs and artisans to set up and expand their businesses. One of the success stories may be of Muhammad Ghazi, a displaced artisan from Swat who set up a small shop on Ghazi Road, Defence. Daachi members helped this wood carver and wood painter to improve his craft, use better colour combinations and specifications for his furniture.

 Today, Ghazi is extremely grateful to Daachi Foundation for providing a platform where his improved items have became hot sellers. His small shop has grown into a medium size warehouse and showroom called “Swat Art Gallery” and a clientele is available to buy his goods.

Another would be of Sameera Noorani, whose all natural skin and hair products have taken off under the brand name of ‘Sabz Daaira’. Daachi exhibitions promoted and sustained her entirely home based enterprise which is now a self-sustaining entity. Similarly, Riffat Saadia, a graduate of NCA, designs products from all kinds of interesting material and Daachi became an outlet for her goods under the label of ‘My Little Flowerbed.’

Daachi Foundation set up as a non-governmental organisation by a group of committed architects, artists, designers and educationists to promote, sustain and uplift arts and crafts of Pakistan, it has so far held a number of successful exhibitions displaying craftsmanship from all four provinces of Pakistan. Starting with an initial colourful and lively Mela held on the grounds of Alhamra in 2011, Daachi members have gone from strength to strength in providing interesting venues and artistic display of arts and crafts for the past two years. The worthy aspect is that craftsmen have earned substantially from the exhibitions held so far and keenly look forward to Daachi’s next event.