ISLAMABAD - A UN report on education has said illiteracy percentage was 79 percent in Pakistan in 2012 and the number of Pakistan was 180 on the list of 221 in big or small countries in the world.

The illiteracy percentage was 72 percent in the youth age 15 to 24 years, 57 percent in the aged 25 to 44 youths, 46 percentage in 45 to 54 years and 38 percent in the people aged 55 to 64 years in the year 2012, it said. Pakistan remained below in the illiteracy from India, China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma, while it remained above from Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

According to the report, three million seventy five lakh students were going to school and colleges in the year 2012 out of them two point six million were primary level students, 2.9 million students were of high school education and 1.5 million of colleges and universities. It says only three percent students reaches colleges and above level out of them one percent passed graduation.

On the other hand, the 75 percent boys and girls left school before reaching 10th class while 81 percent students of 3 classes could not read English words. The report added that 72 and 78 percent students aged from three to five years do not go to schools in Sindh and Balochistan respectively. During survey, the students of sixth and fifth classes were asked to read an essay, but 94 percent and 68 percent students could not read the essay.

In Pakistan, all the governments always tried to bring about revolution in education system but at the end of their government period, the realities come out, it becomes cleared that this was merely a show. Thousands of schools are present out of them hundred schools buildings are in damaged condition. Teachers have become habitant to get free pay.