LAHORE - Lahore Waste Management Company has kicked started charismas celebrations in schools and educational institutes that will continue till the end of THE month.

The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is working with record number of Christian minority i.e., almost 85 percent of its total human resource. In the same context,

The Christmas celebrations include cake cutting ceremonies in all towns with workers, special awareness programs in Christian schools across the city and grand Christmas event besides facilitating the workers with 13th salary as bonus for workers in the month of December annually.

The first ceremony took place in the Talent School Model Town S-Block where the communication team of LWMC held special awareness activity on significance of clean surroundings. After awareness activity, Christmas cake was cut with students and staff of the school. Students were given gifts hampers from LWMC as a token of harmony and togetherness. The school kids and staff appreciated LWMC animation and documentary on cleanliness and recommended to spread cleanliness awareness among kids other schools too. The activity was headed by Asad Ahmed and Christina Patras from LWMC along with a team of social mobilisers and student volunteers. 

The company management has expressed heartiest facilitations on this sacred occasion of Christians as interfaith harmony and peace is all what Pakistan needs the most at this crucial time.

Company spokesperson said, “LWMC has always been very conscious and sensitive about facilitating minority workers on occasions. Series of activities will continue till the month’s end and almost two dozen of Christian schools will be made to celebrate with cakes and special gifts.”