LAHORE - Vice Chancellor of the University of Sargodha Dr. Mohammad Akram Chaudhry formally inaugurated the opening of the new Lincoln Corner at the university on Wednesday.

One of the highlights of the inaugural ceremony was U.S. Consul General Nina Fite’s live video address to the audiences.

She said, “Globally, the U.S. Government cooperates with local host institutions to develop American Corners in every region of the world. In Pakistan, thirteen corners have been built to form a country-wide network, three of which are located in Punjab.”

Consul General Fite also highlighted U.S. commitment to the Punjab. “Through this partnership, the United States, through its Consulate in Lahore, and the University of Sargodha are supporting our belief in a better tomorrow for our young people. As we go forward, I am optimistic that your students and future guests of the Corner will understand that what unites us as human beings far outweighs our differences in language and culture.”

The establishment of the Lincoln Corner at the University of Sargodha is another milestone in U.S. Consulate General Lahore’s effort to reach out to educational institutions and communities and create opportunities for Pakistanis to better understand the United States.

Lincoln Corners are one of many ways that the U.S. Consulate General Lahore builds bridges between the people of Pakistan and the United States. Public Affairs reaches out to educational institutions and communities to create opportunities for Pakistanis to better understand the United States, including exchange programs, in which Pakistanis visit the United States for studies such as the Fulbright program, cultural activities, English language programs for primary and secondary students, cultural preservation of historical and religious sites, and interaction on social media.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Akram Chaudhry thanked Consul General Fite for establishing this important partnership to facilitate sharing knowledge and research resources between the United States and Pakistan. He said, “The friendship between America and Pakistan will be strengthened as Pakistani students polish their skills using Lincoln Corners resources.”